T2000 - Lucky-Silicone a product by Wacker Chemie AG


Architectural/Industrial/DIY Hybrid Adhesives

WACKER® T2000 is one component hybrid adhesive cured by reacting with moisture and has good adhesion and workability.T2000 is a high-modulus, paintable, neutral-cure, multi-purpose adhesive.

Product Poperties
Typical Property Inspection Method Value
Cure type   By Moisture
Uncured paste
Specific Gravity (SG at 23 °C) ISO 1183-1 A 1.58 ± 0.02 g/cm³
Slump KS F 4910 Max. 3mm
Skin Foaming Time at 23 °C / 50 % rh Internal method Max. 40 min
Curing time at 23 °C / 50 % rh Internal method 7 Days
Cured/vulcanized rubber
Hardness Shore A ISO 868 Approx. 75
Tensile strength (M100) KS M 3700 Approx. 327 N/cm2
Elongation ASTM D412 60~100%

Product Features - KS F 4910 / F - 25 HM

  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable flexibility with +/-30% movement capability for cleanroom & panel joint application
  • Good heat resistance, durability and weather resistance

Available colors (other colors can be ordered)

  • White


The colors shown on this page may differ with actual colors of product and so make sure of the actual color from our sales representative prior to your purchase.

Range of application

  • For bonding to lots of materials, such as wood, glass, metals, plastics or mineral-based substrates.
  • For bonding decorative frames, skirting boards, cable ducts, facing panels and insulation.
  • For repair bonding in the DIY and trade market
  • For bonding where need to be painted and sanded